Do you see children?

At this time, Generaciones Counseling only provides individual mental health therapy services to adults (age 18 and older).

Are therapy services in-person?

No. All therapy services are provided through a secure online platform allowing you to access your session confidentially from the comfort of your home.

Do you offer services in Spanish?


You are welcome and encouraged to speak Spanish, English, y un poco de los dos in your sessions. After all, some thoughts are processed en ingles y otras en español.

What health insurance plans do you take?

Generaciones Counseling does not take insurance at this time. We accept all debit/credit or HSA/FSA cards as a method of payment. 

If you are looking to submit out-of-network claims to your insurance company for partial reimbursement, Generaciones Counseling can provide you with a superbill.

A superbill is similar to a receipt and it has Generaciones Counseling’s practice information, the services provided, and the fees you’ve incurred through therapy. 

Keep in mind: Reimbursements are completely dependent on your insurance coverage and plan.

Can I still receive therapy services if I’m not in Arizona or Utah?

No. Viry holds licensure in the states of Arizona and Utah meaning she can only provide mental health therapy services to people living in these states.

How much does a session cost?

Individual 50-minute mental health therapy session – $140.00

Generaciones Counseling offers a limited number of sliding fee slots. Speak with your therapist to check sliding fee availability.

Do I have to schedule a session every week?

Weekly sessions are a great opportunity to help jumpstart the therapeutic relationship with your therapist. However, weekly sessions are not a requirement; sessions can also be bi-weekly (once every 2 weeks). 

Clients also have the opportunity to decrease or increase their session frequency as needed. Speak with your therapist about your preferences, schedule, and budget to find the best session frequency that works for you.

How long do I need to go to therapy for?

There is no magic number. You can expect to be in therapy for as long as it feels helpful and as long as your budget and schedule allow. For some people, this can be 4 months whereas for others, this can be a couple of years.

How do I set up my first appointment?

The first step is to contact Generaciones Counseling and schedule the free 15-minute consultation. Your therapist will provide you more information on next steps and help book your first appointment during the consultation call.

Telephone: 602-575-6335 (please leave a voicemail to receive a call back)

Email: vzendejas@gencounseling.net